Patient Testimonials

"I've been in the construction business going on 18 years, and I've seen my share of bumps and bruises. Things got especially bad about 7 years ago when I fell off a roof and landed on a big rock right on my tail bone. Of course, I hurt, but I got right back up and went right back to work. Since I could still work and walk, I didn't go anywhere to seek help. Big mistake.

After a few weeks, I felt better, but never 100%. I seemed to be limited on activity, and not able to do the things I enjoyed. Even the small things, such as walking the dog, always hurt after.

Then one morning, I woke up and was in really severe pain. I couldn't get out of bed, my back hurt so bad. The worst pain I've ever felt. So, I went to my family doctor and he sent me to get an MRI. I was shocked. I had broken my back when I fell and squished a disc down lower, and it had healed, but not the right way.

I went through spinal injections but was still in discomfort. Then I started spinal decompression at Central Illinois Wellness Center in Morton, IL.

I'm so happy that I started treatments on the DRX 9000 at Dr. Dick's office. The pain is gone and I'm able to work full days without having to stop. I would recommend anyone with chronic back pain to give the DRX 9000 a try. It has significantly improved my life."

- Anthony R. C.

"I am pain-free at last!! Dr. Eric Dicks and his superb staff successfully treated my three years of miserable peripheral neuropathy. It had affected both of my feet and legs with tingling, burning, and sharp stabbing pain. I now sleep well without any medication. Incredible!!!"

- Joyce M.

"My knee pain was affecting my quality of life. I was in pain all of the time, not sleeping and having trouble walking up and down the stairs. I tried injections which only helped temporarily. My next step was a knee replacement.

I saw an ad in the paper for Dr. Eric Dicks, who practices cold laser therapy. I decided to try it and am so happy I did. In just 8 treatments of Trigenics, cold laser therapy, and electrode stimulation, I have finally found relief! I can now walk longer distances, climb stairs easier and no longer experience pain during the night or in the morning when I wake up. I cannot thank Dr. Dicks and his wonderful staff enough!

The staff is so friendly and personable and answered all of my questions with compassion I really appreciate all they have done for me to improve my quality of life. I recommend anyone with joint pain to make an appointment immediately because they don’t have to suffer. Dr. Dicks is worth the drive!"

- Becky M.

"I would recommend the knee cold laser treatment to anyone. I was to the point of hardly walking and could not feel my leg muscles at all. I can now walk my muscles are so much stronger to support my knee."

- Bonnie L.

“Dr. Dicks’ diagnosis and plan to get my back in better shape was straight forward and honest. He has definitely improved my quality of life. He and his staff are all kind, courteous, and caring. Definitely recommend him to anyone.”

- Eric W.


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